Acuity Vision Chart/ Eye Test Chart


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form factor

21.5-inch frameless design, simple and generous appearance.



Regular chart and Functional chart mode



60 key infrared remote control, can automatically code, realize the separate control of multiple

vision chart


Regular chart(E, C, NUM, Letters, Children)

  • Regular eye test chart and Functional chart mode;
  • Simple amblyopia training mode;
  • ETDRS chart;
  • Color blindness test;
  • Two sets of programmable default charts;
  • The distance between 2m and 6.5m can be adjusted (1m can be achieved by using the mirror function and mirror), and the step length can be adjusted to 0.1m;
  • Independent setting interface, can adjust language, distance, red and green chart color, LCD brightness, chart switching mode, chart recording mode, chart mirror, sleep time, timing switch etc;
  • Android Bluetooth remote control app, can display regular visual acuity test and functional chart Synchronously
  1. Regular visual acuity test chart(E, C, NUM, Letters, Children);
  2. Polarization functional chart all changed to red and green chart;
  3. Red and green balance and red and green instead of polarization chart , red and green color is adjustable, suitable for different phoropter red and green lenses;
  4. Gray scale adjustable, brightness of background adjustable, chart and background’s white & black color are interchangeable;
  5. Chart size adjustable
  • 60 key infrared remote control, can automatically code, realize the separate control of multiple machines;
  • Bluetooth remote control APP, android phone control;
  • 232 Serial port control, for automatic phoropter connection.
  1. Timing switch on or off;
  2. Random eye exam chart function. Regular array of charts change randomly by pressing random buttons
  3. Software can be upgraded by USB to realize more functions. Vision test chart can be customized with large quantity;
  4. Astigmatism disc chart axis red color prompt.


Technical Data of Eye Test Chart ( Acuity Vision Chart ACP-300)


NUM, LETTERS, E, C, Children, Functional Chart


2m-6.5m(Using the mirror function can achieve 1m)

Charts Shifting

Single, horizontal,vertical

Charts record mode

Decimal,Five grade ,20/XX,6/XX,5/XX

Charts clear

Vector graphic,Stepless scaling,no zig zag

Shifting Speed


Control Port

Infrared,Bluetooth, 232

Screen Parameter

21.5 inch 1920X1080 full view fog screen