Manual Phoropter/Vision Tester

FO-600(Black & White Version)

Suitable for Eye Vision Test 

A manual phoropter is a vital instrument in the field of optometry used for conducting subjective refractions to determine a patient’s precise prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It helps measure the refractive error of the eye, which includes myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Manual phoropters, also known as manual refractors or vision testers, consist of a series of lenses that can be rotated into place in front of the patient’s eyes. This allows the optometrist to refine the prescription by adjusting the cylinder power and axis. The inclusion of a cross cylinder aids in determining the exact astigmatism correction needed.

One of the key components of a manual phoropter is the rotary prism, which helps in measuring the patient’s binocular vision and alignment. Despite being more time-consuming compared to automated refractors, manual phoropters offer unparalleled accuracy and control, making them a preferred choice for many practitioners.

The processing time involved in using a manual phoropter is generally longer than that of automated devices, but the detailed and accurate results justify the extra effort. Manual phoropters provide optometrists with a hands-on approach to accurately measure and correct a patient’s vision.

By using a manual phoropter, eye care professionals can ensure that patients receive the most precise and effective prescriptions, enhancing their overall vision and eye health.

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The ophthalmic phoropter is designed to be durable and user-friendly, making it a valuable addition to any eye care facility. Our phoropter instrument is ideal for routine eye exams, offering consistent and accurate results. Whether you need a manual eye tester or an optometric vision tester, our products deliver outstanding performance.

Our phoropter for eye exams is crafted to meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. The eye care phoropter and manual refraction device are essential tools for any optometrist. Our accurate vision tester ensures precise measurements, while the manual refraction tester is easy to use and highly effective.

With our vision test phoropter and manual refraction equipment, you can provide top-notch eye care to your patients. The precise vision tester and ophthalmic vision tester are perfect for any practice. Our optical vision tester and manual refraction tool are designed to offer the best in performance and reliability.

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manual phoropter
manual phoropter

1. This(Manual Phoropter FO-600) vision tester is attractive and delicate design.
2. Accurate instrument function means smoother operation when testing
myopia and astigmatism.
3. Cross cylinder and rotating prism provide the widest field of view.
4. Employs a unique mechanism in the convergence system.
5. Test range greatly expanded by the large selection of auxiliary lenses provided.
6. Greater precision and durability provided with oil-free bearings.
7. Using with graphic projector, a wide range of visual functions (binocular
vision, stereopsis, aniseiconia, etc.) can be examined.
8. High quality coating performed on all lens surfaces.


Sphere powers range±16.75Dto-19.00D,with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D
(when+0.12D auxiliary lens or optional±0.12D lens is in use)
(+26.75D to-29.00D(when optional±10.00D lens is in use)
Cylinder powers range0 to-6.00D,with minimum reading 0.25Dor0.12D
( when auxiliary lens is in use) 0 to-8.00D
( when-2.00D auxiliary lens is in use)
Astigmatic axis scale0 to 180°in 5°steps
Cross Cylinder±0.25D,reversal type(synchronized with astigmatic axis)
Rotary prism0 to20△D in 1△D steps