Projection Perimeter


projection perimeter
projection perimeter

The BIO-1000 automated perimeter absorbs the advantages of international advanced perimetry devices. It comprises the highly integrated computer, optics, machinery and electronics systems. Incorporated with the advanced configuration, comprehensive software inspection categories, it provide international standard 6 analysis report of glaucoma, fundus disease, visual pathway injury and neurological diseases.

*Comprehensive real-time monitoring,heiji-krakau physiological blind spot monitoring,gaze tracking/head position tracking, automatic measurement of pupil diameter, reduce the impact of pupil effect on visual field detection.
*Personalized design, accurate clinical analysis, accurate and rapid examination strategy.
*A variety of classic test procedures, including international standard six report analysis .

Basic specification
Inspection range90°
Inspection distance30CM
Background light brightnessWhite 31.5asb
Visual target brightness1asb---10000asb
Visual target sizeGoldmann
Visual target interval time200ms
Visual target interval timeStandard  or adjustment according  to patient reflection
Threshold test modelCenter 5º-16,center10º-68,24-2,30-2,30º-60º,nasal step
Upper Threshold test model30º-40 , 30º-76,P-60, 60º-81, 60º-120,1 90º-135 nasal side
Special detection strategyEsterman monocular,Esterman binocular ,user-customized test,
150º driver monocular fast detection,150º driver monocular standard detection ,upper 36°detection,blind spot detection, 150ºhorizontal straightness detection
Pupil size testAutomatic
Fixation monitoringBlind  spot monitoring ,eye position eye position deviation alarm,eye deviation  curve
Environment light detectionAutomatic
Analysis softwareReliability analysis,single vision report,triple visionreport,GPA half vision analysis,
 GPA glaucoma developing analysis ,VFI vision index analysis
Operation systemWin7 above
Size412mm(length)* 497mm(width)* 513mm(height)
Power100-240V ,50-60Hz

Projection Perimeter


BIO 1100
BIO 1100 2


1. Rigorous implementation of Goldman international standard.

2. Halogen projection system: stimulation light source is from wide band visible spectrum, fully meet colored cone cell stimulation.

3. Accurate and elaborate database of normal population of all age groups, recognition of more subtle early visual field defects.

4. GHT glaucoma semi vision analysis, make glaucoma diagnosis easier.

5. GPA glaucoma progression analysis upgrade, slight glaucoma development is obvious.

6. Standard SWAP blue-yellow visual field examination, sensitive to earlier visual field defects.

7. Scientific and intelligent interactive inspection strategy, 30 degree range visual field inspection only takes 3 minutes.

8. Simple one-stop modular software design, equipment operation learning only 2 minutes.

Testing scope


Testing distance

30 cm

Background light

white31.5asb, yellow315asb

Visual target 

0.08 asb -10000 asb (0-51DB)

Target size

Goldmann I , II, Ⅲ, IV, V

Visual target stimulation time

200 ms

Visual target interval time 

Standard and custom

Threshold policy 

Macula, 10-2, 24-2, 30-2, 60-4, nasal side

Upper threshold policy

C-40, C-64, C-76, FF-81, FF-120, FF-135……

Special detection strategy 

Esterman monocular, Esterman binocular, upper 36°screening, blind point testing

Yellow- blue testing 

Standard 440nm blue V visual target + 315asb OG530  yellow background brightness

Visual target

Red, blue

Dynamic policy

Standard dynamic, blind dynamic, dark spot dynamic, straight line dynamic

Custom policy

Static custom dynamic custom 

Pupil size measurement


Fixation monitoring 

Physiological blind spot monitoring, eye position monitoring, eye position moving alarm, eye tracking curve

Environment light testing


Analysis software

Reliability analysis , single report, triple report, GHT glaucoma semi vision report, GPA glaucoma developing analysis, VFI analysis, Blue-yellow analysis


Win7 above

Comparison Chart of Different Models

MODEL    BIO-1100 (appearance same as zeiss)BIO-1000 zeiss 830 zeiss 840zeiss 850zeiss 860
background light31.5ASB 31.5ASB 31.5ASB 
light source HalogenLEDHalogen
fixation monitor 
Heijl-krakau blind point monitor
video monitor
stare monitor 
operation interface
screenTouch LCD screen  
visual target
red-white  blue-whiteNO 
testing feature
visual size Goldman I-V
macular threshold testing 
pupil size test 
liquid trail lensNONO   
RelEYE monitor √  
test program
single filed analysis (SFA)
glaucoma half test(GHT)
visual filed index(VFI)
glaucoma progress analysis(GPA)
Visual field sequence view