Auto Lensmeter



Auto Lensmeter (Automatic Lensometer) HV-300 is designed to measure vertex powers and prismatic effects of spectacle and contact lenses, to orientate and mark uncut lenses, and to verify the correct mounting of lenses in spectacle frames. 

Automatic Lensometer /(Auto Lensmeter) HV-300 can measures the optical performance of spectacle lenses such as single vision, bifocal, and progressive power lenses or contact lenses. 

The Auto lensmeter is a digital display auto focus lensmeter, measurement power is 0.01 D 

Auto Lensmeter  HV-300 employs a full-graphic LCD display, displaying measured data of both the Right and Left sides lenses, showing the alignment condition with graphic targets, to makes alignment the optical center fast. The device with simply optional menu, with corresponding touching key on the LCD, to makes the operating convenient and efficient. 

HV-300 adopts tiltable LCD display, provide fine viewing angle when you standing or sitting. 

The function and measurement accuracy of the Auto Lensmeter is far superior than the manual lensmeters. 

Connect with other devices

This auto lensmeter machine has a standard D89 serial port, can transmit data over 232 lines.


It is equipped with Bluetooth (SPP and BLE protocol), can transmit data over Bluetooth as well.

The device executes the Q/NHS J002-2020 AUTO LENSMETER enterprise standard, and complies with State standardGB17341-1998(optical and optical device) State standard 

5.6 "Color and touch screen

This Auto Lensmeter (HV-300) supports a whole process of computer control & automatic reading. Highly sensitive optical path control
for measuring various types of lenses, with automatic control calibration procedure for tiny
deviation calibration during measurement. Full series with UV measurement, blue light
measurement, visible light measurement, virtual pupil distance ruler, preset prism value and
wireless Bluetooth function, optional PD measurement and thermal printing function.

auto lensmeter

Touch Screen

LCD touch screen

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Strong Capability

Can measure spherical lens -40D--+25D

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Wireless transmission

With bluetooth, it can be directly connected to the mobile phone, and the data of the scanner can be transmitted to the mobile phone

  • 5.6 "Color and touch screen
  • Automatic switching of left and right lens measurement.
  • UV ,blue light, visible light measure .
  • Virtual pupil distance ruler 
  • Bluetooth supports the data transfer between auto lensmeter and mobile .(Supply APP ,only available on Android system mobile)
  • Automatic recognition of progressive lenses
  • wide range of Sphere measurement :-40D ~+25D
  • There is PD PH PCL ruler 

Technical Data(Auto Lensmeter)




0°-180° (1°step)


0 - ±10D 0.01/0.06/0.25D steps

prism degree

0 - 10 Δ 0.01Δ steps


0 - ±10D 0.01/0.06/0.25D steps


+, +/-, -


X-Y,     P-B: 

Contact lens


Measuring Mode

Single/progressive/automatic recognition

Diameter of Lens



40~90mm, 0.5mm steps

Speed of measurement



TFT LCD (5.6.0") 480*640


Thermal Printer


244(L) * 192(W) * 409(H) mm


620(L) * 390(W) * 390 (H) mm


About 3.67kgs

Power Supply

100~240V 50~60HZ