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The PHOENIX is an ideal imaging  system for slit lamp.It is a complete image capture and management system, which is developed to equip numerous popular brand slit lamps to realize good slit lamp imaging.

Introducing Our Slit Lamp Imaging System: Precision in Real-Time

Our advanced slit lamp imaging system is designed to capture high-quality images and videos, providing clear and precise documentation for eye care professionals. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this system enhances the diagnostic process, ensuring accurate and detailed observations.

High-Quality Image Capture

The slit lamp imaging system is equipped with high-quality image capture capabilities, allowing for the detailed examination of the anterior segment of the eye. This ensures that even the smallest abnormalities can be detected and recorded.

Real-Time Video Capture

With real-time video capture, the slit lamp imaging system enables dynamic monitoring of the eye. This feature is particularly useful for recording patient interactions and ensuring a comprehensive review of ocular conditions.

Advanced Lamp Imaging System

Our lamp imaging system integrates seamlessly with existing slit lamps, providing an enhanced imaging experience. The advanced optics and lighting ensure that the images are sharp and well-illuminated, making it easier for practitioners to make accurate diagnoses.

Incorporating these features, our slit lamp imaging system stands out as a critical tool for modern ophthalmic practices, offering both precision and convenience. Whether you are documenting routine check-ups or complex conditions, this system ensures you have the best tools at your disposal.

Features of Slit Lamp Imaging System:

High resolution

5 Megapixels resolution and 1/2.5 inch CMOS produces high definition image. With CMOS leaner array, all small subjects are shown clearly.

Easy USB Transfer

One power cable and data cable will produce data transmission quickly and easily. Neither hardware nor computer hardware configuration is required.

Wireless Button

2.4GHZ wireless solution no aiming, fast reaction and stable performance.

Smart Auto Exposure

Professional solution makes the camera exposure more accurate and intelligent.

Compact Size

With its light and compact size( L150mm* w82mm* H60mm).It makes installation quite easy.

User-friendly interface

Simple design style and friendly interface help operators handle it quickly and efficiently.


Widely compatible with different brands and models of slit lamp microscopes.

Centralized Management

Professional patient information management platform is important to conduct centralized management for patients.

Snapshot of the software 

snapshot of the software

Specifications(Imaging system for slit lamp):

Image sensor: 1/2.5 inch high speed &HD image sensor
Image resolution: 2592 X1944
Image format: JPEG
Video resolution: 1280 X960 (HD) 30fps
1280 X720 (HD) 30fps
Image capture mode: Wireless joystick, shutter pedal, mouse click, keyboard shortcut button.
Exposure mode: Auto exposure, auto gain & auto white balance.
Data transmission interface: USB 2.0, wireless
Power supply: USB 2.0, 5V/DC

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