Full Auto Non contact Tonometer

nCT-Master ST-1000P

Non contact tonometer
Non contact tonometer
Non contact tonometer


ST-1000P is a state-of-art non contact
tonometer with fully automatic operation model.
You can easily to take the measurement of IOP by
simply one touch. The sensor will move automatically
to detect your eyes and focus to finish the
tests on both eyes in 30 seconds. Dual sensor
system with application of optics and aerodynamics
to ensure the results precise and reliable.
Friendly design and easy-to-use interface make it
welcomed by both ophthalmologists and opticians
all over world.

1.Our non contact tonometer comes with Dual sensor system with optic and air blow integrated to provide most precise and reliable IOP result within industry
2.Patent air blow system with softly blow to improve patient comfortability
3.Simply one touch to bring out all tests and results done in both eyes in 30 seconds with fully automatic mode, manual
operation is also optional
4.Easy to use with touch screen and friendly software interface
5.State of the art design for space saving and small examination room
6.IOP correction automatically by corneal thickness ( only in ST-1000P).
7.Data output and transform by USB 2.0 port


(Non Contact Tonometer)

Spectral domain OCT

Axial resolution

≤ 6 µm (in tissue)

Transverse resolution

≤ 20 µm (in tissue)

Scan depth

≥ 2.5 mm (in air)

Scan range

≥ 6 mm

Scan speed

≥ 24,000 A-scans/sec, up to 36,000 A-scans/sec

Scan modes

30, Raster, Circle

Fundus image

OCT en face

Focus adjustment

-150 to +150

Pupil diameter

≥ 3 mm

OCT light source

840 nm SLD

Optical power

750 µW (at cornea)


13.3''touch screen, optional external mouse or keyboard

Power supply

100-240 V, 50/60 Hz


497 mm × 395 mm × 490 mm (L× W × H)


LED dot matrix

External fixtion

34 kg (75 lbs)

Automatic NCT ST 1000 2 1

Feel free to contact us, should you have any questions on our non contact tonometer.