Auto Phoropter


Auto Phoropter FO-900 is a computerized refractor used for subjective refraction.The doctor has a fully computerized refraction system that simplifies and speeds up refraction for the best possible prescription for your visual needs. The High contrast LCD screen with full data display all the information is just a click away on your display with options to view pupil distance, previous lens data, refractor lens settings, unaided visual acuity, objective measurements, chart indications and full test data etc.

Auto Phoropter

Elegant Design

Auto Phoropter which realizes the date transmission of automation and management of client information.

Auto Phoropter

convenient and flexible

Through liquid crystal keyboard connecting with lamp house, chart projector, refractometer, etc

Auto Phoropter

10.2 ''Colorful screen

Touch panel of Auto Phoropter can flip and in turn can be directly operation on the touch panel

Auto- Phoropter

Auto Phoropter FO-900 are composed of its main body and keyboard. Auto Phoropter can connect various kinds of optical instruments into a single network.It can be used in conjunction with auto refractometer and auto projector of many different models.One auto refractometer can be linked with 4 auto phoropter and 4 auto chart project.

Specifications of Auto Phoropter
(A)Measuring range:
    (1)SPH:0D~-19D(-0.25D)  +0.25D~16.5D(+0.25D)
    (3)Axis: 0~180(10/50)
    (4)P.D: 48~80MM(in 1mm steps)
(B)Auxiliary lenses:
    (2)P.D check
    (3)Pinhole plate(1mm)
    (4)Polarizing: right eye 1350,left eye 450
    (5)Red/Green Filters:(right eye:red,left eye:green)
    (6)Maddox Rod:
        Right eye red horizontal/vertical
        Left eye white vertical/horizontal
    (7)Dissolution prism:
        Right eye: 6△B/U
        Left eye: 10△B/I
    (8)Fixed cross cylinder: ±0.5D
    (9)Retinoscope: +1.5D
(C)Auto Cross Cylinder lens: ±0.25D
(D)Rotary Prism:0△~20△(in 0.5△steps)
(E )Quick power selection:SPH/CYL/AXIS
(F)Double eyes balance test.
(G)Can select chart projector,LCD screen(with or without polarize)
(H)Can see polarizing(3D)
(I)Control system:Touch panel control
(K)Dimension and weight:
    (1)Main body: 377(L)*306(W)*205(H)mm
    (3)N.W: 5.3KG
(H)Power source: DC12V