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HS Adaptor

With the smart phone camera practically replacing the modern camera, the Phonto which is compatible with both iOS and Android. It combines the convenience of a camera phone that integrates into a slit lamp microscope optics imaging system, which makes it the most ideal combination.

Our slit lamp imaging system is designed to provide high-quality imaging solutions for ophthalmic diagnostics. Equipped with a digital slit lamp and an integrated slit lamp camera, this system allows for precise slit lamp photography and comprehensive slit lamp imaging.

The slit lamp photo system is ideal for documenting patient conditions with high-resolution images. Utilizing advanced slit lamp imaging technology, our system ensures accurate and reliable results for every examination. This ophthalmic imaging system supports both slit lamp digital imaging and slit lamp video system capabilities, making it versatile for various diagnostic needs.

Our advanced slit lamp imaging solutions include a high-quality slit lamp microscope with an integrated camera for detailed imaging. The slit lamp with camera setup enables seamless photo documentation and slit lamp imaging software integration for easy data management and analysis.

Whether you need high-resolution slit lamp imaging or robust slit lamp imaging solutions, our system delivers exceptional performance. The slit lamp integrated camera and slit lamp imaging device are designed for optimal functionality and user convenience.

For comprehensive slit lamp photo documentation and advanced diagnostic capabilities, choose our slit lamp imaging system. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative imaging technology and how it can enhance your ophthalmic practice.

Phonto has reinvigorated slit lamp imaging by combining an intra-optics beam-splitter/camera adapter with the awesome computing and imaging power of the modern smartphone in your hands, regarless of iphone or android. This sophisticated imaging system emphasizes image quality, simplicity, and efficiency.

And it is compatible with the majority of the parallel style slit lamps currently used around the world.


Imaging system for slit lamp is enhanced with our  anterior segment imaging system by combining a new intra-optics beam splitter/camera adapter. It's featured by intuitive operation, optimized imaging, and immediate network integration.


  • Heads-up display
  • Efficient – Capture images in 5 seconds or less
  • WiFi/Cableless connection to the LAN (EMR)
  • 12MP high-resolution images and 1080p/4K video
  • No additional hardware required in the exam room
  • Auto export feature to image management & EMR systems


  • Haag Streit: BQ-900
  • Marco: Ultra G5 (16x)/Ultra G5 Zoom (16x)
  • Keeler: SL-40H (12.5x)
  • Topcon: SL-D2/D4/D4Z/D5 (12.5x); SL-5D (12.5x)/6E (12.5x)
  • Zeiss: 30 SL (12.5x/10x); SL-130 (12.5x/10x); SL-160 (12.5x/10x)
  • Reichert: Xcel-255 (12.5x); Xcel-200/250/400/700 (12.5x)
  • Nidek: SL-1600 (10x/16x); SL-1800 (12.5x)
  • Inami: Classicus L-0179 (15x); Classicus L-0179 Z (15x); Classicus L-0219 (12.5x);L-0187 (15x); L-0189 (12.5x); L-0229 (12.5x); L-0240 (15x); SL-0229-E (12.5x)
  • Huvitz: HS-5000 (12.5x)/HIS-5000 (12.5x)
  • Takagi: SM-70 (16x); SM-90 (12.5x)
  • CSO: SL-980 (12.5x); SL-990
  • Shin Nippon:SL-203
  • Tomey:TSL-3000 (15x)
  • Rondenstock:RO-3000 (12.5x); RO-4000 (12.5x); RO-5000 (16x); RO-2000(10x)
  • Woodlyn:HR3 (15x); HR5 (12.5x)
  • Burton:860(15x)
  • Nikon:FS-3 (12.5x); FS-2 (12.5x)
  • Righton:RS-1000 (12.5x)
  • Suzhou 66 vision:YZ5S (12.5x); YZ5F1 (12.5x); YZ5G (12.5x); YZ5X1 (12.5x)
  • Mediworks:S350S (12.5x); S350C (12.5x); S350 (12.5x); S360 (12.5x); S360S (12.5x)

Broad compatibility

Works for both Apple and Android smart phones.


Unique mechanical design makes it perfectly applied for most of the slit lamp, whether upper or lower light source, or Zeiss or Haag-Streit.


Just install the beam splitter onto a slit lamp and it is ready for use.

blue capturing

The most popular solution in application, no interference, real time fast reaction, and precise pairing.

No PC? No problem

With the most intelligent portable system and top class smart phone camera, why need more?

Storage, cloud

It is based on smart phone system and cloud service. Everything is excellent, we simply use them.


Pictures, videos, and professional report Anything you need we export it.


Specially designed App and APK are provided for free download from the store. The database is already included. It is free of charge.

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Module Installation 

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